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Did You Know? Orange Oil Is The Most Popular Oil In The World.

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Today, there are around 300 different essential oils being cultivated in the world; 50 years ago, there were only 150. The most sought-after of all essential oils is orange, derived from the fruit of the orange tree which is cold pressed from the rind. 50,000 tons of this essential oil is produced every year and 90% is cultivated in Brazil and Florida. The second most popular essential oil is menthol essential oil (Mentha arvensis), then follows essential oils of eucalyptus, and peppermint. Lavandin essential oil, most often from the crop cultivated in France, takes 10th place in line of the most popular essential oils.

This demand for essential oils has evolved year after year for various reasons. One of the reasons for this increase in demand is that we are looking for natural products that we can trust.

Products made with pure plant-derived ingredients have become not only trendy, but belong to an overall desire to lead a holistic life.


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