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Home Kit Of Essential Oils To Have At Home.

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Lavender Essential Oil:

Lavender is a must-have essential oil. Lavender create balance and harmoy within the body. It is gentle and one of the safest essential oils to use, and can safely be used undiluted for a variety of ailments. It has relaxing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and cytophylactic properties. Lavender can help to keep mosquitos away while acting as a local anesthetic on a bug bite. Lavender’s vulnerary property can help heal a burn or cut by applying a single drop to the site. Lavender’s anxiolytic and sedative properties can help settle the mind during stressful situations or at bedtime by inhalation (breathing in a few drops from tissue or by diffusing lavender in an essential oil diffuser).


Niaouli Essential Oil:

When you are stuffed up, niaouli essential oil is the best to clear out excess mucus. Mix two drops of niaouli with a carrir oil (such as macadamia, almond, or olive oil) and apply to the chest. For a similar effect, apply to the forearms, where the skin is thin, enabling fast absorption into the body.


Peppermint Essential Oil:

Peppermint is perfect for supporting digestion and easing tension in the body. To soothe nausea, inhale a few drops from a tissue or dilute in a carrier oil and apply directly to the abdomen, gently massaging in a clockwise motion. For migraines and headaches, dilute peppermint in a carrier oil and massage onto the temples and base of the skull - as peppermint can be irritating to the eyes, start at the hairline and slowly work towards your temples, stopping if you experience any irritation. If necessary, peppermint can be reapplied after two hours. It is not recommended to ingest peppermint as it may cause gastric discomfort or long-term damage to internal organs.


Tea Tree Essential Oil: 

Tea tree is the best pimple blaster. Regardless if you have acne prone skin or the odd breakout, a drop of tea tree essential oil can be added to your DIY face cleanser, serum, or clay mask. For spot treatment, apply diluted tea tree to the spot with a q-tip. One application of the spot treatment should be enough: the pimple should dry up within 24 hours.


Ginger Essential Oil:

For pain, ginger essential oil is one of the most effective. Dilute ginger in a carrier oil (calophyllum or hemp is a wonderful option for pain management) and massage onto the area. While dilution rates (the number of drops of essential oil per oz of vegetable oil) varies depending on the intensity of the pain and the length of the desired use, it is not necessary to use a lot when you’re applying the oil to prevent flare ups. Because ginger can be irritating to the skin, start with a 1-5 drops of essential oil per 1 oz of vegetable carrier oil and increase as necessary. Ginger has naturally warming properties and will help to warm up the body, it also helps strengthen the immune system. For athletes, Gaultheria essential oil will help relieve soreness muscles after a high intensity work out: ask your physician or professional before use of Gaultheria.


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