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Teramune was created by a mom to ease the lives of others.


My name is Marie and I grew up in a small town in France. Healthy, varied homemade food in small portions and outdoor activities were a part of my everyday life. I was very lucky to have a mom who had the time to care for me and my siblings full-time. In France, we have a different approach to health and medicine. While western medicine is important, there are ways to have a strong, healthy life without using as many drugs.

I have always been healthy but now that I have a young daughter, health has become even more important to me. I need to be on all the time because there is no time off for a parent. Children never stop going. Work gets busy. Life just doesn't wait.Not is my own health important, I want my daughter to have a long happy, healthy, and balanced life. The healthier she stays, the more she can focus on just growing up and learning about the world.

I met a French doctor with 40 years of expertise in essential oils who gave me this "magic" essential oil blend. He had been using it in his practice and helping people locally. I discovered the full power of this blend one weekend when I lost my voice. Usually when this happens, I spend about two weeks coughing. So when I lost my voice, I started to take the supplement, about 10 drops of the supplement, twice a day. To my surprise, the cough never came. At the same time, the flu started going around to all of my family members. One after the other, each one of them was in bed with a high fever. I got scared for my daughter because she had the highest fever she’d ever had in her life. As I got to work taking care of everyone, I immediately increased my intake to up to 20 drops, three times each day. I held my daughter to comfort her—to my chest, near my face, and on my shoulder—and yet, I didn’t get sick. That year the flu seemed to be everywhere, but this blend strengthened my immune system when I needed the most.

I had to know more about it. The supplement was a blend used in France for two decades. Aromatherapy and phytotherapy are growing in France where it has become a part of an integrative medicine approach to healthcare. It is a holistic method of healing wihout to have recourse to drugs. In Finland or Netherland for example, antibiotics are considered the last resort. I had to bring this blend to market. This doctor is now retired, however I worked with him  to re-create this holistic solution based on the French aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Teramune was born.

Healthcare can cost quite a lot today. I believe it is essential to have a balanced healthy lifestyle by focusing on a combination of nutrition, exercise, and preventive care. As the home caretaker and pillar of the family, these small daily habits can go a long way to ensuring health and saving money and time.

Most people know the benefits and powers of essential oils but only a small percentage use them. I worked with a doctor and expert in essential oils to create this holistic solution based on the French aromatherapy and phytotherapy. The result is a product designed for a simple, daily use to fortify our immune systems and help us be at our best at all times.

While you see many essential oil products in the market, we have the only oral blend that you can safely ingest without any gastric discomfort. The formula has been created based on the principles of phyto-aromatherapy, using the highest quality organic ingredients, all sourced directly from France. Teramune is the holistic remedy that helps me stay on top my life and be the best mom, wife, and woman I can be.

And now I want to share it with the world!