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What Makes Us Different

You were told not to ingest essential oils. So you might wonder how we are different from other essential oil companies. Why can you ingest Teramune?

Well, let's start by saying that it is clinically proven. We have performed a clinical trial on our products. The reality is that you actually can ingest essential oils however it needs to be dosed properly and blended with a carrier oil. There is so much misinformation about essential oils and their application. We actually do not recommend to buy over the counter essential oils and use them on your own. Essential oils can be toxic if not used, dosed and blended properly.

Now, NEVER ingest it as is, the essential oil needs to be diluted in a fatty carrier such as vegetal oil (olive oil for example). In France, we used to take a drop on sugar on a spoon or honey. Because the essential oil is a concentrated oil, these carriers were not safe and became toxic at times.


What makes us different:

The uniqueness of our products comes from the proprietary emulsifier that we formulated, which allow you to actually ingest the essential oil blend without any gastric discomfort. To prove it, we performed a clinical trial on the products.

This emulsifier has plenty of fatty oils to carry the concentrated blend, so when mixed with the essential oils, it protects and helps penetrate your digestive system while helping the essential oils get absorbed to your system and strengthen it.

Our products have been formulated with the right concentration of essential oils so you don't have to. It is pre-mixed and easy to use. So you just take our products when your system needs it the most.

Don't believe it? Try it out. We offer 100% satisfaction on our products as we believe that once you try them, you won't be able to spend a winter without them. We sure can't...