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Our Quality

At Teramune, we thrive to provide great products to help people live a healthy and holistic lifestyle. For us, it starts by having a quality supply chain and an expertise in Naturopathy.

Quality in the ingredients, especially an essential oil, will make a difference in the potency of products. That is why each of our essential oils are outsourced from their country of origin. We have them imported and then mixed here in San Diego, CA.

How do we measure quality?

First, we make sure that it is backed with science. Our Cough & Throat is clinically proven. Our other blends are formulated with the same base with different essential oils.

Second, we chose farmers of essential oils based on the type of plants and their process to distill or cold press. When looking at an essential oil, it is important to make sure that the plants were collected at best wild, if not available organic and non gmo are the second best option.

The way to cut the plants will also impact the quality. The least stress to the plants, the better, so we conserve and don't change the molecules of the plants that we are trying to collect.

Lastly, an essential oil is extracted from a plant in 2 different ways: distillation or cold press. Our farmers have a process of distillation at low temperature and/or low pressure as much as possible for a certain time. 

Our products are made with ingredients from small farmers or cooperatives of small farmers. These farmers pride themselves in the quality of their products, producing smaller batches versus mass quantity.


Quality also comes from knowledge. You can't make quality if you don't know what you are doing. So where do we get our expertise?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation on internet. For example, there is a claim that the essential oils are dangerous if ingested. Well, they are if you don't know what the right dosage or application to use... It is important to use it in the safe way.

 At Teramune, we want to be part of your team to be healthy and be part of a functional medicine approach. So our products must be efficient and safe, especially because our products are used by all, kids included. Safety and quality are part of our values. To bring you these products, we have worked and continue to work continuously with doctors and experts in the aromatherapy, phytotherapy, naturopathy, professors in sciences, therapists, health and nutrition practitioners.

We listen, learn, discuss and question these professionals to make sure that we provide great products in your journey to feel great.

I, as the owner of the company, just received my first certificate as an aromatherapy practitioner and I am also in process of getting my certificate as a naturopath practitioner (which includes aromatherapy and phytotherapy practice) from a certified school from France. Teramune is member of the Alliance of International Aromatherapy here in the US (AIA). Aromathérapie



Origin for each essential oils that we use in our products:

Bay Laurel Berries: FRANCE


Cinnamon Leaf:  MADAGASCAR


Cypress: FRANCE



Eucalyptus Cineol: AUSTRALIA - SPAIN

Eucalyptus Lemon: AUSTRALIA - SPAIN

Geranium: FRANCE

Hyssop: FRANCE

Lavendine: FRANCE

Lavandine Grosso: FRANCE


Mandarine: SPAIN - ITALY

Marjoram: FRANCE

Niaouli cineol: FRANCE - NEW CALEDONIA

Oregano  vulgaris: FRANCE

Peppermint: FRANCE



Rosemary: FRANCE

Rosemary Cineol: FRANCE


Thyme Thymol: FRANCE


Savory winter: FRANCE