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Aromatherapy is a holistic remedy using organic essential oils to improve the well-being of an individual. There are so many essential oil benefits, including being easy to purchase. However its usage can be considered dangerous in certain situations. If misused, either through improper storage, or wrongly applied depending on the type, organic essential oils can be toxic. They also can be photosensitive and cause rashes to those experiencing allergic reactions. 

That is why we submit our products to a clinical trial. Our Cough & Throat For Bronchus has been clinically proven. Results are excellent, showing the efficacy of our product on promoting healthy respiratory and lung function. Other blends contain the same proprietary emulsifier base with different essential oils.

Regardless of the product, we always recommend to ask a professional practitioner for advice. It is also important to diligently follow instructions from the manufacturer when using organic essential oils for aromatherapy, holistic remedies and or organic medicine. 

Essential oils benefits are powerful and efficient, especially when used on aromatherapy for health. They are not reported to have side effects, unless you are allergic. If experienced, it's most likely caused by a misuse of the essential oils. Most essential oils have 'directions of use' and 'cautions' written on their labels. Make sure to read those labels thoroughly to understand how to use the oils as a natural remedy. 

Safety and health is part of our values.

Our natural supplements are oral blends often used for aromatherapy and other holistic remedies. We carry a high concentration of organic essential oils per bottle, making Teramune products the most efficient and unique natural supplements around.

When it comes to aromatherapy for health, quality essential oils are important.

Learn more about how our high-quality immune support supplements and additional natural supplements make us different than any other brand.