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5- Family Relief + Recovery Kit

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The Family Full Relief + Recovery Kit contains:

- Two CLINICALLY PROVEN Cough & Throat For Bronchus
- Two of our Cough & Throat KIDS

- One Immune Support 15ml

Though it’s tempting to share your supplements with your loved ones, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you refrain from doing so at the risk of spreading infection. We offer this kit because as a mom, we understand that when a kid gets sick, the sibling gets sick too and it is the domino effect…

Preventing the worst from happening is as important as fast relief and recovery for moms!

While one of the members of your family is sick, the other members can take a low dosage of the Immune Support to prevent anybody else from getting sick.

Our Immune Support blend is created with our proprietary emulsifier that has been clinically proven. It will help you boost your body’s natural defense system.

Keep yourself and your family healthy! Feel strong and energized so you can enjoy your life and reach your full potential!